Kim Guillory

Kim is an Integrative Life Coach and Business Mentor for MindBody Coaches and Healing Focused Entrepreneurs. 

Founder of E-School: the no BS approach for healing focused entrepreneurs to grow their business with simple step by step structure and marketing strategy. It's an all inclusive package that includes 1:1 with Kim and her team. E-School provides tech support, program design, growing your following, mindset coaching, aligning your business model, branding and practical training. 

Available Products

Simple Business Trifecta

Grow your service based business with strategy and structure. 

Flaw Of Attraction

Learn what most people miss and how to apply the Law of Attraction principles. 

Grow Your Healing Focused Biz!

This is a very simple, practical, and applicable process (simplical!), but it only works if you do it.

3 Step Biz Starter System

Business doesn't need to be complicated. You only need three things to start making money. 

Meditation Library

Choose from a variety of guided integrative healing meditations. 

Emotional Processing Technique

The companion course to Flaw Of Attraction. Feeling our emotions is the solution to healing them. I'll show you how...

Get It Done Challenge

Would you like to know the secret to getting things done? Join the Get It Done Challenge and take action now!

Self Healing Masters Membership

Do the inner work to change your outer world. Improve your health, wealth and relationships using a simple 5 step approach.

Believing Better Series

Featuring real stories about real people who have healed outdated belief systems and reinvented their life. 

The Conscious Creation Process

A simple 5 step process to consciously create anything. This approach is the law of attraction in action!! 

The 10K Workshop


Belief Bootcamp Virtual Retreat

BELIEF BOOT CAMP is a 5 day virtual retreat experience!! I’ll teach you the exact steps to identify and change limiting beliefs. 

2021 Year-In-Review

Join Kim in the recorded workshop to go deep into review of 2021: What worked, What didn't work, and 5 steps to consciously create through 2022! 

The PUNCH-LINE Approach

A 6 week journey into The PUNCH-LINE Approach book written by Kim Guillory. A step-by-step review, worksheets, and prompts to help you make change!

JAMMING for Greatness

The framework for getting things done. Go from IN-action to Massive Action.

Growing Your Business & Relationships

What if it's possible to grow BOTH: our businesses and our relationships?

Grow Your Business Series

Watch the top three business topics every entrepreneur must understand to grow!

Social Media Visibility Challenge

Feeling invisible on social media? Take the 5-day Social Media Visibility Challenge!

Marketing Mastermind with Malerie Veillon

Most coaches don't know how to market their business, so their certification becomes an expensive personal development certificate. That's pretty sad because more people are becoming conscious and looking for someone to help guide them. 

Workshops with Emily & Malerie

Learn how to create the TOP TWO social media templates every entrepreneur needs to grow their audience!

Canva Class Series with Emily Heyer

Come learn how to create your own marketing content and materials with Canva!

Design Your Personal Brand

  • Craft your message

  • Identify your personal brand

  • Come out of the closet

Pitch Perfect

If you've ever hesitated or stumbled over your words when someone asked what you do, the Pitch Perfect Workshop is for you! Craft your perfect pitch to feel confident and clearly communicate how you can serve! 

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