Believing Better Series

People are always talking about mindset and changing your thoughts to change your life.

Although that is true, it often requires More Than Mindset especially if you’ve had trauma in your past. That shit gets locked up in the body and causes emotional triggers that make it harder to change.

If it were as easy as just changing a thought everyone could do it and would be living an amazing life now.

The problem many don’t know about is that thoughts repeated most become BELIEFS... unconscious habitual beliefs. And those are harder to see which makes them harder to change.

I spun in this for years unable to see that my beliefs were actually just thoughts with an emotional charge. I was reactive and flighty and always trying to escape suffering. I kept recreating the same problems. This made me feel frustrated and hopeless.

Then I figured it out and turned everything around using this one simple approach. Now I’m helping others and they are helping others... that’s the ripple effect!

Here are their stories... we hope to inspire and encourage more people that they can do it too. Joy loves company! I hope you’ll join us in ending the year with celebration and high vibes 🥊

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