Simple Business Trifecta

The Simple Business Trifecta is a step-by-step path to bring in more revenue, serve more people, and create massive impact. I’ve taken out all of the confusion, fluff, and nonessentials and distilled the process into 3 easy steps.

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Simple Business Trifecta Intro

I'm so excited to get started and teach you these simple business strategies so you can help more people, make more money and create more impact.

Healers want to make money doing what they feel called to do but they have limited beliefs about money. We’ve been fed so many money stories, not just healers but society and religion has made it seem like a bad thing.

I’m here to help you break this cycle and tap into your ability to serve and make money with ease. 

Step 1 Know who - what - how

The first step is to know exactly who you help, how you help them and what you offer to solve their problem. I'm going to walk you through this entire process step by step. Hit play and let's get started. 

Step 2 Belief

3 stages of belief 

Step 3 Simple Business Strategy

Simple business strategy


The four stages of business no one is talking about. Once you know this you will be so relieved and so clear on the what you need to do now. 

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